the weekend

last night, and thursdays in general, is the start of my weekend. I was able to sleep in today but not much. A friend is coming to visit and while I should’ve had my house clean last night I gave up somewhere in the middle, leaving it for today. Where’s my tea? . . . . . . . ah, thats better. Earl Grey with a touch of sugar. Some funky Lawnchair Generals playing. The sun shines bright through the blinds and sheer white fabrics – south facing windows rock (but only in the northern hemisphere?).
some things on my task list:
• put the Korg Triton LE back into its case, break down the stand and set them in the music corner
• reassemble the music corner (move all instruments, cords and amps into a nice arrangement)
• Take out the trash & recycling
• Hang two vertical paintings in my bedroom.
• swap paintings in my living room from the somber grey Chicago paintings for newer, brighter California paintings
• Pack up all loose paintings and store them in the closet
• Clean the closet (making room for boxes of paintings)
(although the list is incomplete I’m going to start on these first tasks now. Music is switched to a Poker Flat compilation)
Wow. the music corner is complete. The worst part was the “tangle of wires” (which happens to be the name of a track I really like by Water Lilly . My poor electric guitar was quite dusty, I’ll need to start playing that more & get my fingers used to steel strings. Most trash & recycling have been taken out now, although I’m sure I’ll generate more as I continue to clean & organize. The disco ball needs to be hung somewhere, preferably outside [done]. I’m tired of cleaning ;( maybe I’ll take a walk to the store to buy some bird seed.
Alright, my friend is about 5 minutes away. Cleaning is done for now, maybe I can con them into helping pack and organize my paintings . . . probably.

What do you think?

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