Deliriously luscious

Her eyes detect the slightest of motion
the most subtle of gesture
No words are allowed to slip past her
without the understanding of the reasoning
being gained.
Her fine silken skin, sensitive to every motive
every pore in her voluptuous body
an infinitely small antenna
tuning into every concept and ripple in the
lucid pools of space
Her words echo throughout time like a
breeze encompassing the meadows.
Movements as swift and agile as the
waters of a brook caressing the earth
and tickling the rocks who boldly stand
their ground in order to meet her rushing
Slowly and ever so delicately she wears
away from the rocks their rough and abrasive
outermost hides
to reveal the smooth inner nature
of each stone without bias nor regret.
She illumines even the darkest recesses of mind
with the prismatic splendor and radiance
of a thousand Sun’s light refracted through her
beating heart of pure love.
To gaze into her eyes is to see the reflection
of the stars as the nuclei of each sub-atomic microcosm.
To know her is to merge with her soul in the
ecstatic union of bliss.
And when tears fall from her liquid blue eyes
it is only to reinforce the joy which the universe
sheds upon itself.
(dreamscape of divine love in translucent blue)

John Otter

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