I told myself with the time changing I should wake up even earlier than usual, since the sun is up for hours before I have to be at work. This morning is the first morning I was able to. So here I am, sipping Earl Grey and blogging. Last night my Friend Katy & I did our laundry and played guitars, as we usually do every other monday. Last night, however, was the first time the laundromonday session was recorded. I brought headphones and my little Boss digital recorder, I was quite impressed with the mic and dynamic range of the recorder. I really like the fact that you can hear cars beeping, car doors slamming and all the little sounds in the backgroud (some of which make it into the foreground).
The weekend was a truly glorious one with a dear friend visiting from San Diego. I was pretty exhausted by Monday as I think we fit more activities into three days than I usually do in a week or more. Museums and galleries, little Tokyo, sushi, live reggae, bars, tapas,a farmers market, a plant sale (where I picked up two new plants for my garden), and a lot of really wonderful bonding and conversation. So Monday morning I had no time to post anything and I really don’t mind.
One of the exhibitions we saw this weekend was Murikami at MOCA. I had attended the MOCA members opening but as you may know, opening nights are probably the worst time to try to see the work. There were some animated shorts that I didn’t get to see during the opening but which I saw this weekend and I’m considering going back to watch them again. I would recommend seeing the animations last, after you’ve seen all the painting and sculpture – it just seemed to make more sense.
I recently heard from a roommate of mine from Chicago who mentioned her website. I didn’t have enough time to look through everything, but what I saw nearly gave me chills its so gorgeous. Not having the words to really describe it I’ll quote from her website, “Combining hand dyed silk and merino wool Gina Pannorfi creates one of a kind wearable art. Only the imagination can dictate the limit to the function of the work.” Gina’s website is here.
I think tonight I really need to do some drawing. I’m sure its only been several days but I almost can’t remember the last time I drew. Must have been sometime last week.

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