Rational Tying Powers

Inside the glistening spheres of consciousness
when the sun shines down, altering the various
jumps. Splashes and a hand-woven face mask. 34.
You must decide where to place your honor, the
clock slows to a stop. There are messages being
fed to you on many levels, many of which are
unapparent. Look closely at what you hold, the
scattered things you clutch, material or other-
wise. Nectar offered in
substitution of gravy.
one without a night.
Silent mind-frame…
Far fetched beliefs
about the nature of
anything. Escape the
broken loops of
stagnation, infinite
atrophy. Noun verb noun.
Verb adverb. Adverbize.
Overbite, hell-fire? Foe.
Organization with crisp
extremities, like an
orange duckling.
Or paste.

John Otter

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