the end of the harvest season is here, in one form or another. I have no live stock to slaughter, but I do have old thoughts and concepts which are good and ready for the kill.
The boundaries between the worlds are apparently as open as they’ll be right now (according to some). Thoughts are fusing, slowly.
Last night I had the strange fortune of selling a drawing as I was trying to complete it. Strange in that I had a specific deadline (which increased as the night went on, due to drinking). The deadline was much shorter than any project I’ve worked on before – namely having the drawing completed within an hour (or something like that). In general, the drawings take roughly 4 or 5 hours until I feel satisfied with the results, but this “quick & dirty” drawing was one of exceptional quality considering the speed at which it was drawn. More interesting was the stimulus around the drawing, the banter and words needing something to stick to. Desperation in a voice, that perhaps I wasn’t aware of something that was very important. This combined with the speed of drawing made for something akin to a “cartoon” of a painting – a sketch or study of a complete work. There will be no complete work, and in that way the sketch, study or “cartoon” takes on the role of the complete work. Each items role changes dynamically with what comes before or after itself, like us humans in a way.
I’m not wearing a costume today, instead I’m dressing in all black. Its time to go to work now, later (at about 11:30am) I think I’ll post something I wrote back in 1997.

What do you think?

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