Works available on Poem Studio

I have some art available on Poem Studio, who proudly donates a percentage of every sale to communities in need.

Buying and owning original art is a great way to improve your environment as well as craft intentional space. I’ve shared a recent series of works on paper on Poem Studio which are affordably priced (most under $100), so whether you’re an avid art collector or just starting out take a look by clicking on the image below…

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 11.08.20 PM.png


new paper

I ordered some large paper from Blick recently, which showed up a couple days ago. I’ve been waiting to open it until I had some time to size the paper and get to work on it. I haven’t drawn on such large paper in a long time (22×30″) – it’s 140lb Fabriano watercolor paper. I felt like a kid at Christmas opening up the flat box. After soaking, stretching and drying the paper I laid down some initial watercolor washes. Now I’m just waiting for the surface to dry more thoroughly.

If I remember I’ll try to post some progress images as I work on them.

Art supplies

Fabriano Watercolor paper
Fabriano 90 lb Watercolor paper

Over the past week I’ve been cleaning and organizing art supplies – old printing ink, rollers, paper, pastels, paint, brushes, pencils, pens, etc.

A lot of it seems impersonal (e.g. a burnt sienna Prismacolor pencil) but some supplies bring back a flood of memories, specific times and places (both physical and mental).

Last night I bought some 90 lb Fabriano and 140 lb Strathmore watercolor paper for a small series of mixed media studies and experiments. I really enjoy shopping for art supplies, even if it’s just for paper.