You know those windmills out by Palm Springs?

This past weekend we took a trip out there in the burning hot sun – to get out of the house, to explore and roam. I had purchased a few Stabilo pens from the new art store in town Neon Moon Art Supply and had an old mostly empty sketchbook with me. We ended up sitting beneath a billboard along side the highway that provided some shade and I sketched the windmills. While I was drawing a slow rolling freight train passed by and we pointed out our favorite graffiti.

John Otter, Windmills, 2020, Ink on Paper, 8.5 x 11

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I recently went through a box of drawings and stumbled across one from 2017 that didn’t look quite complete. It was dated 5/20/17, so at the time I must have considered it done. I went back to work on it, adding more lines, dots and details. Once completed (again) I added the new date 9/10/18. Makes me wonder how many other things I could continue on, and for how long.



The past weekend I attended a lot of art openings in Los Angeles, which I hadn’t done in a long time. The Chinatown galleries and the Bendix building, as well as a stop at Hauser and Wirth, and the next day dropped into the Pasadena Museum of California Art.

John Otter featured on ArtQuench

I was recently invited to be a featured artist at ArtQuench magazine, sharing my backstory. It took me longer than expected to write. I’m usually not one to share much about where I came from, I’m much more interested in where I’m at now – but the process was pretty illuminating.

Encouraged by his artistic mother John learns at an early age the techniques of drawing. His travels to different environments affect his work and allow him to grow in new ways.  John’s exceptional work shows his range of talent and inspires us to continue to grow in our craft. 

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