new year

To begin again.
learning to write Arabic.
Presenting at a national conference.
Running a chapter.
Sharing knowledge.
Attending a different national conference.
Reformatting and preserving information.
Matting drawings.
Guitars and computers.
Less stress, more accomplishments.
More mornings.
Reduction of superfluous things.
Being on the ball.
Embracing time (and space).
An autobiographical time-line,
which I’ve started at least five times
and always misplace…
perhaps here, in my profile?
why not?
[because the “about me” section is limited to 1200 characters or something – maybe in a new blog post?]

Borges: The Mirror Man

Borges: The Mirror Man
after re-reading Labyrinths I decided to see if there were any documentaries on Borges on Google Video and this was the top hit. I’d say it’s an excellent documentary, but can’t compare to reading Borges first hand.

“Language is an artificial system which has nothing to do with reality. Reality is a combination of perceptions, emotions, feelings, distractions, dreams and surprises. That is reality.”
Jorge Louis Borges

Systems and thought

(for lack of better words)

expanding infinitely
(outward and/or inward)

and indivisible

likened to silver thread
or cosmic fishing line

masks worn by energy
to make the mundane a bit more interesting

we hide ourselves
behind custom and training

but are, were and always will be
a playful nothingness

wrapped up in perfecting
our games (whichever they are we choose)

my game now is darts
I slowly learn the rules
the lingo
the history

Defy gravity, briefly
sail through air
to hit a spot
hopefully chosen by the thrower

Perfection would be
to hit what you aim for?

If that was possible
what fun would it be?

Imperfection is playful
Perfection is joyless

yet we all still seek
a closer proximity
to perfection

So in our imperfection
we require a combination
of thought & action
to progress

Practice, repetitive action
and will, knowledge, understanding

briefly . . .

This morning on my walk to get some coffee I passed a few friends playing Frisbee and decided to join in. The weather was a bit warmer than the recent slight chill and the sun was out in full force. After an half hour or so I continued on to the café where I sank into a chair with a coffee and novel (“Kim” by Rudyard Kipling). I only had a couple chapters left and I was eager to see how it turned out, and so sat and read until the book was complete. I thoroughly enjoyed the book from start to finish and after completing it I had to sit for several minutes and soak the thing in. My New Year’s resolution (to read more novels) has been fulfilled even if I don’t read any other novel this year. I can’t remember the last novel I read cover to cover and I think that particular book was a good start.
So, I had some thoughts about “tagging” posts, photos, etc. and was planning on writing a good ramble, but that will wait for another time.