new year

To begin again.
learning to write Arabic.
Presenting at a national conference.
Running a chapter.
Sharing knowledge.
Attending a different national conference.
Reformatting and preserving information.
Matting drawings.
Guitars and computers.
Less stress, more accomplishments.
More mornings.
Reduction of superfluous things.
Being on the ball.
Embracing time (and space).
An autobiographical time-line,
which I’ve started at least five times
and always misplace…
perhaps here, in my profile?
why not?
[because the “about me” section is limited to 1200 characters or something – maybe in a new blog post?]

1 thought on “new year”

  1. I love the sound of you new year. May future bring you what you hope and many exciting things you never even imagined. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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