Systems and thought

(for lack of better words)

expanding infinitely
(outward and/or inward)

and indivisible

likened to silver thread
or cosmic fishing line

masks worn by energy
to make the mundane a bit more interesting

we hide ourselves
behind custom and training

but are, were and always will be
a playful nothingness

wrapped up in perfecting
our games (whichever they are we choose)

my game now is darts
I slowly learn the rules
the lingo
the history

Defy gravity, briefly
sail through air
to hit a spot
hopefully chosen by the thrower

Perfection would be
to hit what you aim for?

If that was possible
what fun would it be?

Imperfection is playful
Perfection is joyless

yet we all still seek
a closer proximity
to perfection

So in our imperfection
we require a combination
of thought & action
to progress

Practice, repetitive action
and will, knowledge, understanding

What do you think?

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