Art Book

Point Suite has just launched its website!

AI Productions, Inc. is an emerging corporation whose mission is to serve the artistic community by facilitating the presence of emerging artists and educating the public about their work.

Currently AI Productions is creating a fine art book entitled Point Suite whose purpose is to enlighten the general public about the ever-increasing artistic activities of our international contemporary art community.

Point Suite will display the work of forty talented emerging artists, and will contain all original essays discussing the artists, their art and the current artistic climate.

Once professionally printed and hardbound, Point Suite will go into an initial run of 3,500 copies.

Point Suite is a professional and exciting venue for emerging artists to exhibit their art, and AI Productions thanks all parties contributing to the support of this publication, and invites interested supporters to contact us with donations of time, assistance, or finances.

I’ll have some images in the book and am thrilled to be part of the project.
I’m planning on creating a mailing list for John Otter art news, if you’re interested send me an e-mail and let me know of your interest.

What do you think?

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