From Arabic to Tibetan.
I still love watching squirrels, after all these years.
Raccoons are cool too.

Three blogs I’ve been following lately:
43 Folders
Micro Persuasion

I’ll be studying Gannt charts. Figuring them out. I know I’ve seen them, and perhaps even used them. But right now I think they will be a critical component in several upcoming projects. I don’t want to use any simple project design software. I want to start by comprehending all the intricacies and complexities as well as the limitations of Gannt charts, and probably draw everything by hand. Eventually I have a plan to merge handwritten data, charts and project planning with abstraction and design. I’ve been toying with it and it seems a natural progression, or at least one that wont require an enormous leap.

Tibetan turns out to be very similar to Sanskrit, at least in my mind. The same way Arabic seemed very similar to Hebrew.

Still trying to get used to Google Reader – not sure if I like it, but I do like its interoperability with other Google tools. Are they really trying to take over the world? If so they seem to have a very good plan. (I bet they use Gannt charts)

What do you think?

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