chair people

the weekend was intense and fun, walked away with only a few scrapes.
the work week will be short due to thanksgiving, but there’s quite a but I need to accomplish.
I think I’ve put my ducks in a row, but then again that could’ve been the eggs, in which case my ducks are all in one basket. Not quite the same difference.
Typing is hard in the morning, I have to correct every third word it seems.
I’ve written a couple letters in the past week, its very rewarding and very different than typing. I miss handwriting. The term ‘penmanship’ is so old it probably won’t find a politically correct updated version. Penpersonship? I’ve become a chairperson and every time I think or hear the work I picture an chair with human characteristics. Attack of the chair people.
I have to shave and get on with the day now.

What do you think?

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