forward, backward

Yesterday I sliced all the pages out of a sketchbook. At first I only sliced out the pages that had complete drawings on them, full color and worthy of framing. But the remaining pages were sliced out eventually for consistency. I may look into matting them at the end of the week. After that comes the daunting task of acquiring frames for them. I have frames in mind but not the funding – I’m imagining the cost around $500. It looks like I have about 5 frames that would work. I should frame those five and sell them, use that money for frames. Or just complete some time consuming commissioned drawings.

Yesterday I got back to some google pages I registered a long time ago. I was inspired by a photographer friend (Stephanie Krell)who I recently got back in contact with. Not only does the design and layout of her google page look nice, she also utilized links to her flickr site.

Last night around 11pm I went out to my front porch to think about today. Some rustling of leaves and branches about two feet away revealed three of the cutest round raccoons I’ve seen in a long time. One was quite curious and came right up to me. A fear of rabies or some unknown plague stopped me from petting him (or her?) on the head. The other two eventually wanted to see what the first was investigating, and soon all three were waddling up to sniff at me then back away, a bit scared or maybe more shy. I remember feeding raccoons grapes as a child while camping in the desert, so I went to the fridge and pulled out some grapes. I can’t describe how cute raccoons eating grapes are, so I wont try. Eventually they waddled off into the darkness of night.

Today I’ll be busy. Organization, communications, brainstorming, outlining, editing, optimizing, and chugging coffee. After work to an art opening then perhaps working to complete those commissioned drawings.

When it rains it pours.
In many respects, recently.
Uncertain as to where
these energies are
coming from,
my task at hand
is to harness them.

What do you think?

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