The other day when I was organizing stuff in my house (mostly paperwork) I stumbled across a folder jam packed full of old writings of mine – dating roughly between 1994 & 1999. I read through a few then and just now read through more of them. Seeing them the other day made me wonder why I don’t write as much as I used to. I wonder if all the drawing I’m doing lately takes the place of writing. Most of the writing is rather abstract poetry of sorts, but not all. My plan is to wake up a bit earlier than usual this week and start writing again. I’ll most likely post the writings as blog entries and if I become inspired I might even post some of the old writings. If I don’t have a new blog post by 9am tomorrow you’ll know I failed. I think I’ll set my computer to turn on automatically at 8:15am.

1 thought on “words”

  1. Writing has a way of winding its way back into the consciousness of all those who find inspiration there from time to time. I think it sounds like a fantastic idea. I’m staying tuned. 🙂


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