never ceases to amaze me. Maybe not life, but rather all the proceedings and activities, some conscious some involuntary. I’ve been extremely focused in certain regards and a complete space-case in others. Work is so busy its become like a meditation, where time slows to the pace of molasses dripping. Fires are raging around southern california, but here the sky is blue and the wind is calm, its hard to realize the intensity of the blazes just miles away. A day or two before the fires started I was out walking when I suddenly questioned whether I turned off the stove-top burner, so I walked home (which was only about 15 minutes away) – the whole walk home I was imagining the worst, the house ablaze and then rationalizing that there’s no way I could’ve forgotten to turn off the burner. I even questioned why I was walking all the way home when I was sure (or at least pretty sure) that I didn’t leave the burner on. When I got home I checked and it was off as I had suspected. I really wondered why the panic and then a day or two later all the repoorts of southern california burning came. I guess it is at least better safe than sorry. I think I’ll develop my own language and share it with the animals.

What do you think?

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