Its extremely hot & humid today, fairly odd for southern California – reminds me of more eastern territories. Since I’m not used to this weather I’ve holed myself up at home with the blinds drawn and the air conditioner blasting. It’s rather nice inside. Looking around at my piles and heaps of miscellaneous debris and treasures I decided to clean my house. Started near the front door and have been almost too thorough – investigating every scrap of paper and little trinket. Today is serious discrimination. Many things are headed for the trash or recycling. After cleaning one corner I’m tempted to not put the artwork and odds and ends back in the corner where they were. The problem then is do I keep them? And if so where? A broken tripod. What use is it? I’ve reached for it several times in the past only to curse its broken nature. Yes, trash for you Mr. three feet.
– – – Time has passed and progress has been made but there’s still a lot to do. There’s much less clutter now, piles have been consolidated, things have been removed. One corner has become the guitar corner, with electric, acoustic, amp, chords, etc. The hardwood floor has been (mostly) scrubbed by hand. Have I mentioned this has only been focusing on the living room? The last bit seems to be sorting the cd’s and paperwork. – – – Most cd’s have found their way into their cases. Paperwork is another beast altogether. The kitchen has several piles of paperwork, I think I’ll just pile the living room’s paperwork on that & deal with it later. I’m thinking a beer sounds good right about now – the only problem is I have to bear the heat & get to a store in order to get some beer.
Cold beer is great, and a little reading. I’ve been reading more than usual lately. – – – The living room is clean. Schedule changes… last night was pool night (instead of the traditional Monday night – not sure how I feel about that yet), and generally we do laundry & play music every other Monday (i.e. not this Monday, but next) and that has changed too – so no pool tonight & King String/laundry on the odd Monday. What is this world coming too? At least my living room is clean.

What do you think?

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