spent the weekend in San Diego – yardwork for my dad…it was a warm (if not downright hot) weekend & now I’m a bit achey and tired. I need a new commission to begin working on. I have about 6 paintings in progress I could be working on. Told myself I’d stop drawing and focus more on painting – but I’m still cranking out small drawings in an older sketchbook. Ran into an old friend this weekend, someone I haven’t seen in over ten years – it was quite a happy suprise. While pulling weeds and such this weekend I noticed the agave plant that I transplanted about a year ago has grown to an enormous size and has a tall stalk shooting up the middle filled with baby agaves that were dropping everywhere. I collected up a bag of them to plant and give away. I read online that they exert all their energy to create the little ones and drop them – then they apparently die. Last week I figured out how to geotag a photo – its pretty cool, lets people see the place the photo was taken. Here is a geotagged photo of mine on flickr.

What do you think?

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