weekend, new equipment and the future

the weekend was spent camping with friends, beautiful forest, brilliant sun, gorgeous clouds, amazing people, unbelievable music.

today some new hardware and software was delivered to my office. External hard-drive which should delay the inevitable data-crunch crisis I’ve been fighting and monitor color-calibration hard/software from Pantone (Spyder2).

Thinking more and more about digital preservation. I don’t think enough people, who rely heavily on digital information, understand digital preservation much beyond making a back-up…which is a good first step – but the rabbit hole is deeper than I ever imagined.

I haven’t painted in several days. Time is passing quickly and I feel I have a lot more work to do on one particular commission before the approaching summer. This week I plan on painting 20-30 hours. (It always seems to help when I write out a specific goal)
I’ve saved over half of what I’ll need for my trip to New York, which will probably happen in autumn. I’m hoping to push it to about a two week stay – there’s too much to do and see there.

Dia Beacon is one place I really want to see.

“Dark cloudy bars

Shiny Cadillac cars

And the people on subways and trains

Looking gray in the rain as they stand disarrayed

All the people look well in the dark”

What do you think?

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