“question everything” type of day. Could be good. I might come up with better ways of doing things, but its a bit unsettling. Watched a dvd about Henry Darger, it was very interesting, and a bit sad. Painted lots this weekend, and drew a lot as well. Didn’t get my house as clean as I wanted to. Tonight is laundry & music night, but not sure about shooting pool – we went and did that last night. I played fairly well but won mostly by having my opponent lose.

1 thought on “thinking”

  1. Yeah, I feel like I might be Henry-dargerish..I’m pretty quiet and way eccentric (hmmm..eccentric means out of center..that seems about right. Coming from the center/ OK) I create my own universes and populate them and have marvelous story lines and conversations and inventions. It is so bad that I am scarcely interested in “humans” except I am curious about where they are at and wonder if they might possibly understand me and how would I know if they did, etc. How sordid is that?


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