Firefox & extensions: adblock, flashblock, remove it permanently & blog this. I just downloaded a extension for firefox but haven’t started using it yet.

[edit: 2/20/06] So I’ve installed the extension for firefox and love it…highly recommended. is a good social bookmarking site. My is here.

I really like netvibes as a homepage.

I thought backpack would be good, but I find I don’t use it much.

I like Flickr for photo storage and sharing.

And I’ve recently been following TechCrunch
Sort of a short list, I may return to this post & update it once in a while. Know of any cool new techy tools that would help me build a more interactive decentralized webpage for my art? I’m thinking of RSS feeds from Flickr and this blog amongst other things.

1 thought on “recommendations”

  1. looked at < HREF="" REL="nofollow">pageflakes <>– I might switch from netvibes. The important difference (to me at least) is that pageflakes allows multiple pages, tabbed at the top & customizable. Pretty cool if you ask me.


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