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Blog entry: written at home a couple days ago (without internet access) and saved onto a zip disk.
I’m looking to get internet access at home sometime this week. I could update my website, I’ve been thinking about that for awhile. Most likely I’ll try something new that shares a bundle of different online apps. I’m very interested in this concept of Web 2.0, but still don’t think I comprehend it completely – and the more I figure out the more it sounds like hardly anyone does.
My weekend was fantastic. I somehow managed to do more that I thought possible. Friday I was able to get back to painting, started a couple new works on panel that are looking a lot like my new sketchbook pages, some of those are on flickr. A choreographer/dancer friend called to tell me about a performance she was in that night so I went. I should be working on audio for a project of hers but lately we’ve both been busy with other things. Another choreographer/dancer I know also had work in the show and we talked music at the bar afterwards. I just completed a little sample of audio to send her – the mp3 is about 12 megabytes and I’ll try to use “you send it” – which sounds like a great free service but I haven’t used it yet. They say you can transfer up to a gigabyte. Friday then ended in a nice haze of vodka. Saturday I caught a train to downtown L.A. to see the Ecstasy exhibition at MoCA with a friend. It was extremely difficult to get out of bed but I did make it to the train station just before the train. We saw the show, I bought a catalogue and then went for sushi before heading to the other MoCA. The combination of the sushi, beer and company were mind-blowingly good. I really enjoy wandering around downtown in the day and want to find out where the Bradbury building is. I’ve been there maybe twice but can never seem to find it when I’m wandering. Saturday night was a friend’s band, quite a few friends actually –an all-star session of sorts. Closed the bar & headed onward with a few other rascals to a house where music was played and fun was had. Today was a lazy Sunday, quite nice. Rested and recovered now, just finished some audio and may get back to painting.

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