Point Suite available at Mirrored Society, Claremont

My artwork is featured in the contemporary art book Point Suite, which will be available for purchase at Mirrored Society in Claremont, CA.

About Point Suite:

The Point Suite Contemporary Art Book is a unique endeavor created and produced by artists Annika Connor and Nicholas Papadakis to document and share the artworks of their extended community. Featuring a wide array of local and international painters, sculptors, print makers, and photographers. The Point Suite Contemporary Art Book presents the art of the next generation of up and coming artists. Capturing an idea, a conversation, a moment in time, is something all artists seek to do. Toni Morrison says, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” The Point Suite Fine Art Book is Active Ideas Productions answer to that challenge. AIP hopes that the artists in this collection will inspire, that the images will entice, and that this book will highlight for you some of the fresh new art that is currently being created. Artists: Marta Abbott, Gabriela Alva Cal Y Mayor, Claire Brassil, Megan Burns, Annika Connor, Tom Costa, Jason Cuvelier, Steve Day, Teodor Dumitrescu, Mark Dye, Jared Fisher, Micah Ganske, Kate Glasheen, Chad Griffin, Palden Hamilton, huber.huber, Ariane Irlé, Hidenori Ishii, Chris Jahncke, Jill Jeannides, Melanie Jelacic, Shay Kun, Jeff Musser, John Otter, Nicholas Papadakis, Joseph Paxton, Jason Peters, Colette Robbins, Woody Shepherd, Omar Thompson, Jennifer Tull Westberg, James Wolanin, Koichi Yamamoto and Carolina Zorrilla de San Martin. Essays by David Gibson, David Pullins, Lisa Williams, Jeff Klingman, Christina Von Rotenhan, Alex Morris, Masha Rumer, Malina Saval and Melissa Giannini.

About Mirrored Society:

Mirrored Society was founded in 2015 by long time friends of over 20 years. It was inevitable Julian Lucas and Kathleen Graulty would combine their love for art, fashion, and photography to create Mirrored Society. They have now set out on a journey within the art book world by opening their first bookstore in Claremont, CA.


We are all influenced by the society we live in, creating mirrored images of experiences we have encountered. As humans we log these experiences in our memory. As creatives, we create art that may not be exact, but reflective of our experiences; therefore a mirror of society is the result.


Mirrored Society is a bookstore focused on the arts consisting of both new and rare titles. Our collection is carefully selected to present a genuine representation of the arts. Mirrored Society continues to grow according to its founding principles of exploration and friendship, working with like minded individuals to forge a creative environment that reaches far beyond.

Claremont Courier article about Mirrored Society

Mirrored Society is located on the second floor of the Harvard Square building at Bonita and Harvard Ave in Claremont.
If you drop by tell them John Otter sent you 🙂


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