John Otter art on Instagram

so, apparently it’s been about five years since I’ve posted here.

I’m surprised I haven’t been kicked off the platform for inactivity.
Things have been good, I’ve been writing a bit more than drawing, and drawing a lot more than painting lately.
I haven’t been exhibiting or working on any sort of publicity in the last several years, but was recently invited to a summer group exhibition. The opening reception was nice and I received several compliments on my work, which made me realize I’ve been (artistically) isolated and hoarding my work lately. Little by little I’m emerging from the shadows. Updating resumes and statements, digitizing drawings.
I signed up for an Instagram account and will be adding art on a regular basis -check it out and follow me if you’re on there…


(I promise I won’t wait another five years for the next update)

What do you think?

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