neglected blog

After a november full of blog posting I’ve slowed down. Its good to write, but I’ve been writing letters to friends lately instead of blogging. Letters are great, both sending and receiving. I shouldn’t still be awake, as I have a rather important meeting tomorrow that will last all day. It should be rainy, I should go to sleep but I’m wide wide awake. Life is good. Earlier tonight I saw Kimya Dawson perform, I really really like her. What a treat it was, a very small venue (if it could even be called a “venue”) – she played while sitting on a couch – just herself and her guitar. I spoke with her after the show for a little bit, she’s amazingly humble and sweet.
Sometimes I get all mixed up as to what I’m doing – especially when things get busy. Sometimes I get lost – especially when I think I have it all figured out.

What do you think?

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