dropped calls…

and unpaid bills,
with the body and mind
slowly regaining its general

Draft revisions,
meeting agendas,
hard labor approaching fast.

Time for a walkabout,
to rummage through the urban rubbish
looking for the key,
perhaps it was a G?
(as in geometry)
An angle and arc
hold hands and bounce
on a celestial trampoline.

The trick is to know
why the cat jumps,
not how the cat jumps.

Eyes looking through
the Windows,
a sacred flame consuming words.

Great distances traveled to
discover the spherical nature
of reality.
Einsteinian space-time seals
infinity within our realms,
a very anthropocentric concept.
What genius speed-demon will
break the supposed universal speed-limit,
and why haven’t I heard of anyone trying?
A soap box derby of energy.
Speed may be a constraint,
is there faster than fast?

The sunlight melts our
dreams and intentions
into the aether.

A dog growls in its sleep.

What do you think?

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