5 Guys on 5 Things

Last night at the jazz club I was chatting with my friend Riz. In an attempt to gain information that might fill in some of the blanks from the early 90’s we tried to put events to times. Eventually we stumbled across a project we were both involved in called something along the lines of “5 Guys on 5 Things” which was some sort of interview/publication/recording of five creative individuals, Riz and I included. We decided we should work on contacting all 5 guys for a revival of the project. Last night as soon as I got home I found my copy of the printed publication, that looks like was a limited run of 5, I haven’t yet located the cassette that went with it, but I’m hoping its around somewhere. Today I’ll probably poke around the internet in order to contact the other participants. We joked that if we do this every decade or so it would eventually become 4 Guys on 5 things, then 3 Guys etc. until in the far future the project is reduced to 1 Guy on 5 things.
In other news I began writing a letter to a friend, which will hopefully be completed and mailed this evening. I love letters.

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