So I recently started using Google Calendars. For quite awhile I was hoping to start using an online calendar service so all appointments and things could be accessed from any computer. It seemed to make sense. But I didn’t sign up for anything existing until I stumbled across Google Calendars. The first thing I noticed is that you can easily import calendars from iCal. Then I noticed that iCal can actually export the birthdays that are in your Address Book, if you’ve entered birthdays. So I made a separate Birthdays calendar in my Google Calendar. You can search for public calendars like US Holidays and import those too. So I beginning to get used to it and then it dawned on me – I want the ability to access my calendars from my cell phone & maybe even add events via text message. I thought about that for a couple days and then searched the Google Calendars options and there they were. Its even pretty smart about it – seems to interpret your text into date, time, location, message, etc. & you can set the calendar events to notify you via your cell phone. Pretty cool & luckily I just got a better text-messaging package.

What do you think?

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