nearly the new year

I’m in need of some coffee before I begin the whole new years adventure that sounds like it will last about three days. My bags are packed and I’m about ready for anything, which will most likely happen. Not sure that I have any resolutions this year, I never really liked them. I do like having some sort of theme for the coming year but I’m at a loss currently for what that would be. I do think I’ll be reading and writing more. I’m hoping to get much more organized with my artwork, perhaps create a catalog. Redesign my website. There’s talk of a mural or two & I’d really like to acquire some new tools. I’d like to get a graphics tablet & create some large scale images that would be printed onto vinyl or canvas, something sturdy for indoor/outdoor use. I messed around with photoshop a bit yesterday & saw a million possibilities – zooming in to near microscopic detail, the ability to copy & paste details, etc.
I hope this coming year is fantastic for everyone,
Pop! Cheers! Clink!

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