I’ve returned from travels. Caught up on some sleep this morning. Still don’t quite feel as if I’m back. My mind is processing way too many things, experiences, bits of knowledge. The weekend ahead looks full and fun. I’ve posted some camera-phone pics of my trip onto Flickr – wish I had a better camera with me on the trip. I suppose I’ll start saving for a new digital camera, mine has a busted LCD screen so I can’t see what I’m shooting. Shooting from the hip is OK, but I still can’t see the results until I get them downloaded to a computer. I’m on a mission to sell a few paintings to make up some of the money spent in New York and for some new art supplies. I’m thinking a new large commissioned painting could be in the works. I’m also looking forward to matting and framing a bunch of my recent works on paper, eventually show them together. Maybe rent a space, buy a ton of liquor, hire a band, etc. Off to see my friends play a schoolgirl-punk show soon, should be fun.

What do you think?

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