Its friday, I woke up without plans. Went out for coffee & to fix myself a schedule. Playing guitars with Katy this wednesday & not only getting a free meal out of it but also getting paid. I think I’ll put the money back into music equipment. Maybe new strings, a microphone & stand, perhaps some really nice studio headphones.
I stopped by the public library to peruse books before getting some lunch. Found a great book of old folk songs that I checked out. Tonight Katy & I are practicing & creating a set list and things like that. I need to organize a paperwork pile that continues to grow daily. A lot of it’s junk mail, but not all. There may be some important bill waiting to be paid. Listening now to Alan Watts lecture series titled “Out of Your Mind” – quite nice.
Just played music in my garage with Katy & Jen. Jen might probably play stand-up bass with us on wednesday. We’ll practice sunday night with amps and a PA and all that at a friends house. We’ll also be playing acoustically monday outside a laundromat while we wash our clothes, proving that even though we play folk music we’re not dirty hippies.

What do you think?

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