approaching critical mass

a week or two from now I should be calm and collected, but until then its freak out time. I enjoy a good freak out now and then, so its not all that bad – like when someone enjoys being sad. I’m approaching a data crisis and it seems I’ll have to take drastic measures into my own hands, not uncommon. I like taking drastic measures into my own hads too. I’m figuring I just need to transfer about 100 Gb from one machine to another – and hope everything goes smoothly. Painting has been a great release from these crazy times, but I think tonight its back to the sketchbook – work out some ideas and some demons. Any moment now someone should walk in and make my day a bit more frantic (I’m hoping only one person will do this & not two or more). I bought a book on “language” today, its from the 60’s and looks pretty interesting. I also bought a used copy of Goethe’s Faust (German & English) which I read a long time ago, when I opened the book a lot flooded back into my mind & I figured I should re-read at least some of it.

What do you think?

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