Work Gripes

I’d like to think it’s rare that I complain about work. I believe my job is great, but once in awhile a day comes along like today that throws me for a loop. [deleted paragraph] I’ll just say there are too many people with hidden agendas who sacrifice quality for quantity. I think I’ll have to change my game plans and strategy. It seems I’ve been playing a friendly game and having fun, while others have been out to win. I should’ve known this from the start, I probably did. I just somehow forgot. Little irritants can create large problems. Maybe I’ve become too invested at work. Maybe I should spend more of my free time figuring out how to get the funds to frame my recent works and travel instead of printing out documents and reading them at home. The underlying gripe is that it doesn’t seem to be paying off for me to go the extra mile, and if no one else is going the extra mile why should I? I know its because I like to. I don’t like knowing only the surface of things, I want to know the background, foreground, inside, the invisible elements, the why. It’s a curse. Somedays I really wish I could enjoy fiction, narrative, television and block-buster Hollywood movies, luckily that sensation doesn’t last long.

What do you think?

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