when will my digital castle be inhabitable?

I’m still waiting for a freaking adapter to get my mac at home online. Today they said the part should arrive tomorrow – which would be great. I could spend the weekend dorking out on a computer instead of playing Frisbee in the park. ? I should probably begin putting together the elements I’ll need to build my digital castle.
It should have some autonomous parts that scurry around even when I’m not logged in or on the site. Dynamic!
I want it to be a surprise every time the homepage is loaded.
I want to incorporate jasvascript, rss, comments, etc.
Can I syndicate paragraphs as distinct units of feedable information? Using the paragraph tag with something like an item or div tag ? You know what I mean? If you do please explain this to me. I guess I could just dig into my blogs html and look at what makes one post open and close? And then just start throwing those things into some html and checking it in a browser. No way am I going to use an application to build this digital castle of mine. I’m going to build it form the ground with my own two typing-hands, so I know what every nut and bolt is about. None of this pre-fab or double-wide crap. (hmmm, don’t know that I’ve every used the word crap in my blog…I must feel strongly about that last point. Interesting.) So if all goes well I’ll be posting a victory blog entry sometime this weekend.

What do you think?

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