Moved & went to MOCA

My new place is great. Already hung three sheets of drywall in the studio, acquired a couch, computer desk, chairs, etc.. Everything’s in working order. I’ve already returned to painting (albeit on cardboard). I have some panels to paint on next, and the drywall covers more space than my past few studio situations, so I’m thinking I may work larger again, on unstretched canvas. I’ve been working a lot in sketchbooks recently, it’ll be nice to return to canvas. Saw the Ecstacy show at MOCA with friends this weekend & renewed my Moca membership. I think I’m going back next weekend as well. Its a large show with a lot of details. I skipped over several works by Fred Tomaselli, whose work I love – I need to go back and gaze at those. I also like Pipilotti Rist, who has a rather nice video installation there.


What do you think?

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