meandering thoughts from yesterday

Meandering thoughts. Balance, symmetry and the line we walk everyday. Assumptions about reality being called into question. Life is fragile, and currently I’m happy to be alive in this world. Once in awhile you get a wake up call to remind you that your time on earth is limited. A woman on a cell phone at a café Sunday morning was talking in a very valley girl voice about, apparently, nothing at all. After that I wandered through Moca gazing at Basquiat paintings. Later I took a train, but not before stopping at Traxx bar. Walking home from the train station I stopped at a friends house for some beer and conversation, and eventually made it home to sleep after being awake for 37 hours or something crazy like that. I’m losing momentum now, slowing down & getting sleepy. I would like to drink some more coffee now. I’m waiting patiently.

What do you think?

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