finances and schematics

Just about an hour ago I dropped a check in the mail which will complete my several year struggle to get out of credit card debt. Its a great feeling. I remember vividly pulling money out of any account or card that would let me get cash and thinking of it as playing a prank on myself in the future. “Ha ha sucker I’m having martini’s on your dime!” was my attitude towards my future self’s debt. It was well worth it all. Now I’m starting to think about low risk, high yield options. Investment strategies, CD’s (the kind I was never really interested in), money market accounts, mutual funds, etc. If I figure anything out I’ll let you know. The first thing I figured out is that a regular savings account pays hardly any interest on your money.
I went to the public library to find books on schematics and such. I find them quite beautiful. I was intending on photocopying several to use as source material in a new series of mixed media but didn’t have any change for the photocopy machine. Then I realized I could just make my own, I don’t really need photocopies. I don’t know that much in terms of designing schematics for anything practical, so I think I’ll try mapping thoughts or something, which seems more like flow-charts…? Wish I new what all the cool little symbols on schematics mean. Seems to have its own vocabulary of function.

What do you think?

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