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earlier today I wandered into a Staples to see if they had speaker wire (which they didn’t) and the PDA’s caught my eye. I have one that works alright, but the compatibility between a Dell and a Mac isn’t the best, and when everything is upgraded to 10.4 the third party software that had made syncing possible will require an upgrade that I’m not sure I’ll willing to pay for…but the new Palm Pilots – wow, I hadn’t looked at them in awhile and the Palm Lifedrive is pretty tempting (4 gigs of memory, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi & 416 Mhz XScale processor!?!?)-almost bought it but had to be more rational, I’ll save up for it. The rationality that hit me was that I’ve almost paid off the long-standing and often nasty credit card debts that I racked up in Chicago and New York…hoping to have them completely paid off by the end of summer, maybe sooner – which is great because my student loans came due a month or so ago and now I’m throwing money at them (but not half as much as even one of the card’s debt).

What do you think?

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